Turn around time currently 3-6 weeks

Name Signs & Script

Whether its for the nursery, wedding or home decor we got you covered. Head on over to the Shop to get started!

Family Signs

Wanting something out of the box, have an idea you want brought to fruition? Send a message to get those ideas on paper.

Company Logo's

We would love to bring your logo to life for your company, send us a message for ordering.

Little Hands

We love puzzles! Name puzzles, Rainbow Puzzles and even custom puzzles! Head on over to the shop for ordering!

Art Supplies

We offer a wide selection of raw edge rounds and spray paints. Check out our Art Supplies section

Felt Hat Burning Events

Looking for something fun to do for a ladies night, Sunday get together or bridal shower/party. Send a message for booking availability and prices.


It all started with a "im not sure if you can do this, but i found a cute picture of a hummingbird online and was wondering if you could turn it into a puzzle?" And now, not only does Emy love her custom hummingbird wood puzzle, but she has a quality childhood toy that she'll be able to pass down to her own children. Thanks @ashandeccreations for allowing me to gift my little hummingbird such a special item! If any of you are looking for a great gift idea, check out their page!

Instagram- Stacy

Cooper loves this puzzle as much as his mom does.

Instagram - raquelbreanne

This handmade block set from @ashandevcreations is absolutely gorgeous! We're so excited!

Instagram - ellenxmackenzie

Locally Made YXE

All orders are locally handmade in YXE start to finish. Depending on demand orders generally take between 3-6 weeks to complete but will announce if longer wait times are expected. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me on any platform.

You can find our stuff in store downtown Saskatoon at Countertop Art over on the corner of 3rd and 21st st.